Doe & Ingalls

Redefining your chemical supply chain

About Us

Doe & Ingalls aspires to help life science and microelectronics customers build more secure, robust and transparent supply chains. We do this by providing chemicals, complementary supply chain services and market insight to our customers.

At Doe & Ingalls, we focus on not only providing raw materials, but also building a robust chemical supply chain to support those materials. In our view, a strong supply chain helps companies be more competitive by ensuring that they remain in compliance, reduce total cost of material ownership and reduce the risk of supply interruption.

The Doe & Ingalls organization is squarely focused on securing our customers’ chemical supply chains. To achieve this objective, we hire talented individuals in all areas of our company and provide them with ongoing training. We also invest heavily in infrastructure that supports supply chain excellence, including facilities, quality, and information technology.

We hope that in serving you, we will redefine your chemical supply chain.